Broken Wings

She is a lost soul,
beautiful in her wandering.
I pray she stay fixed in her oblivion
of a world that doesn’t deserve her,
of a world that broke her.

Her crippled wings are masked by aster and grace.
Twilight veils her eyes,
sparkling constellations I stared into once,
because now all that remains of them
is a desolate emptiness.

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Forbidden Ones

Dusk cloaked herself in silver stars
and danced with Dawn
while the world spun
and they spun
to the beat of the grasshoppers
under the light of the moon
but soon they would part
hearts of Hiraeth
for the life they’d never live together
and Life too, while no one looked
danced with Death
knowing they’d only touch once
by the passing of souls between their lips