Holy Crossroads

Meet me on the corner of grey and obsolete so I can teach you how to fade.
I’ll teach you to let moon dust collect in the folds of your hair
the pockets of your clothes
You’ll learn to let oblivion turn to black
turn to an emptiness that rests its soft, silver head on your chest.
Remove your robe of memories
strip regret from your silky skin
set fire to your bondage
Only then can you close your eyes
only then can you dissolve into air
Wait for your son to join you at this holy crossroads
and you’ll walk hand in hand into the dark.

To Love You More Than Lilacs

I love you more than lilacs

despite the purple flower petals

you’ve branded to my skin

because you don’t know how not to hit and squirm

Brown and Blue tender petals on my stomach and

arms and hands that wince to the touch

but they bloom not out of hate

your laughter pierces my ears

decibels of pain as

spasms contort your


body, but you point at the flowers all the same

with those chubby fingers

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