Sometimes I think I’d like to read my epilogue just to know I have one waiting for me. But for now all I can do is keep dreaming I guess.

There are seven billion ways to see the world. Imagine how many stories of life and loss and love there are out there that we never get to hear.

This is my feeble attempt to capture a voice the world doesn’t hear often.

A long battle of depression and anxiety takes a person down a road definitely less traveled by. This road isn’t on most maps and often gets passed by. Honestly, I’m glad it does. Its full of bumps and curves and puddles no one wants to walk. But for one reason or another, here I am walking it anyways. I have always been bad with directions after all.

At first I thought I walked alone. But as I’m discovering, I don’t. There are others with soft voices who have jumped the same puddles and tripped over the same roots that I have.

So maybe these stories need to be told, need to be heard so that maybe I’ll hand the lantern to someone walking behind me.

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